Senior Seminar

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SENIOR SEMINAR 2018-2019                    *Click here for the CAS Hours Verification Form*

Over the summer, seniors should be doing research for their IB Extended Essay and should have secured a Technical Advisor by now, as well as continuing to work on their 150 CAS hours requirement, which includes a minimum of 15 CAS hours per trimester.

Trimester 1: 2018-2019 Packet and Trimester 1 information will be given out at the first seminar meeting in the fall

For Trimester 1 students will:
Turn in Parent Signature Form
Complete a minimum of 15 CAS hours (any area – Creativity,Action,Service)
Complete IB Extended Essay (senior paper)


Trimester 2:  2018-2019 Packet and Trimester 2 information will be given out in seminar at the end of Trimester 1

For Trimester 2 students will:
Complete the CAS Group Project
Complete a minimum of 15 CAS Hours (any area – Creativity,Action,Service)
Earn a passing grade on the IB Extended Essay (senior paper)



Trimester 3: 2017-2018 Packet

For Trimester 3 students will:
Complete 100 of Service and 25 each of Creativity and Activity hours (French Immersion students need 50 of these hours to be in French; Spanish Immersion students need 50 of these hours to be in Spanish)
Complete one more reflection or piece of evidence for Trimester 3 (a piece of evidence that is a photo or something else creative or visual is highly encouraged here)
Complete the CAS Final Reflection Assignment

Trimester 3 Due Dates 2017-2018:

April 27, 2018 – 1)CAS Final Reflection Assignment in ManageBac; 2)Completion of all CAS hours; 3)Completion of one reflection/piece of evidence for Trimester 3

Written by: Eugene International High School