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Ways to Donate to Eugene International High School:

1)For general donations to Eugene IHS you can donate through the Eugene Education Foundation (EEF) at:  Make sure to designate Eugene IHS as the school. Make your check payable to “Eugene IHS/EEF” and mail it to Eugene Education Foundation, P.O. Box 1015, Eugene, Oregon 97440. You can also contribute by credit card or monthly bank transfers. For more information go to or call 541-790-7744. Donors will be appropriately acknowledged and all gifts are tax deductible.

2)Oregon Community Foundation IHS Alumni Fund: For donations towards the Eugene IHS Travel Scholarship, which we are able to provide due to a generous donation from alumnus Brian O’Kelley, Class of 1995, you can donate through the Oregon Community Foundation at: Once there click on “Support a Fund” to find out the different ways you can give back to Eugene IHS and who to contact, or you can call their Eugene office at (541)431-7099.   Over the last few years we have been able to award travel scholarships to students who probably would never otherwise be able to travel internationally. Past scholarship winners have traveled to Argentina, Peru, Spain, Bhutan, India, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Borneo, Singapore, Burma, Thailand, Tibet, Nepal, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

3)Directly to Eugene IHS Offices: You can always donate directly to any Eugene IHS Office.

4)If you have travel gear such as backpacks, lightweight clothing, hiking boots, can donate your items to the Eugene IHS Travel Trunk.  You can drop them off in one of our Eugene IHS offices or contact Deon Saraceno (


Written by: Eugene International High School