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Community Service Organizations who Participated in our CAS Fair 2018

Other Community Service Organizations

French Community Service Options

Spanish Community Service Options


HIV Alliance:  HIV Alliance supports individuals living with HIV/AIDS and helps prevent new infections. We collaborate with hundreds of organizations in Oregon and offer testing, treatment, dental, behavioral, and other services in 13 counties. This is a great place to volunteer for those who have an interest in LGBTQ rights, social welfare, the medical field, activism or non-profit work.

Click here for a flyer with information about ongoing service opportunities.


FOOD For Lane County has many opportunities for students.  Visit their website at:  There are opportunities for SI students through the FOOD For Lane County Multicultural Outreach program.

CONTACT: or call 541-343-2822
Multicultural Outreach Program: Mercedys Ruby at  or call 541-343-2822

Skipping Stones is a multicultural, literary and International magazine based in downtown Eugene. For each issue, we receive hundreds of submissions… poetry, stories, essays and art, both from youth like yourself and adults. Our contributors come from all over the globe.
Community service intern opportunities available include:
* read and review submissions
* read and review youth award entries
* read and review books for us
* Help type articles and poems that come by mail/email
* Help edit pieces and proof-read pages
* Write articles, stories or poems for publication in the magazine pages
* Make suggestions on improving the content of the magazineOur student interns come once or twice a week, each time for about two hours. Hours are flexible, especially during summer months.CONTACT: Arun N. Toké, Editor:

West African Cultural Arts Institute (WACAI) Seeks Student Volunteers: WACAI is a Eugene based 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural arts organization whose mission is to share the joy and passion of West African culture through vibrant educational programs focusing on music and dance, advocating for authentic source artists from Guinea, and creating charitable projects in Guinea that promote artistic, emotional, and physical health. We’re asking students to commit 1-2 volunteer hours per week.

Possible tasks include:
Create and publish social media posts about upcoming and ongoing events and programs
Take photos and videos during our Saturday African dance classes
Edit photos and videos
Make posters for our fall classes
Make brochures and other printed publicity
Hang flyers in local restaurants and businesses
Set up restaurant proceed fundraisers

CONTACT: Executive Director Andrea DiPalma Yansane at 541.232.5471 or email

Very Little Theater needs student volunteers at the theater to work in the box office, ushering and backstage.
CONTACT: Adrienne West at


Parenting Now! is looking for looking for reliable high school students to volunteer for our Children’s Program.  Volunteers will help provide childcare for children ages 1 to 6 year-olds while parents attend a parent education group. This opportunity would especially benefit students who are interested in early child development.

CONTACT: Volunteer Coordinator Rita Gillihan at 541-434-4355 or  or go to to sign up!

 Positive Community Kitchen and Skinner City Farm: Positive Community Kitchen is a year-round farm to table initiative towards lifelong healthy habits. As a volunteer with PCK teens, with the support of adult mentors, prepare nourishing meals to support community members who are overcoming life threatening illnesses. Also we have an opportunity to garden for all ages. Skinner City Farm grows food which both our volunteers get to take home and we get some produce to cook with Mondays.

CONTACT: Megan Richter, Program Coordinator 541-249-4942 or for more information and to sign up.


NATIVES program: Looking for tutors for students, mostly grade and middle school – in a whole range of subjects, Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:15 at Bailey Hill School (2295 Four Oaks Grange Rd)

CONTACT: Brenda Brainard:

Willamalane Community Center: Ongoing community service projects – indoors and outside.

CONTACT: Mavis Sanchez-Scholes, Volunteer Coordinator: or 541-736-4039

Occupy Medical: Volunteer opportunity for IHS students. Occupy Medical is an all-volunteer program that offers FREE medical care every Sunday from noon to 3:30pm at the 8th and Oak Park Blocks.  We have doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, CNA’s, pre-med students, herbalists and an occasional chiropractor, respiratory/occupational/physical therapist or hair dresser.  The Occupy Medical program received its non-profit 501(C)3 designation last year.  We really need is 3-4 regular volunteers from 10am to noon and 3:45pm to 5:30pm to set up and take down the three tents that we work out of.  If it has been raining the tarp part of the tents needs to be hung to dry in a building in west Eugene.  We store the tent poles and equipment on a red and white remodeled blood mobile bus that also comes to the park blocks. Unfortunately many of us volunteers with medical training have physical limitations that make it impossible to do this set up and take down.  We need help.  

To sign up sign the volunteer application found on the link on the upper right side of the website:

CONTACT: Terra Williams at or Sue Sierralupe at


Boys and Girls Club of Emerald Valley is looking for high school students to help tutor Spanish or other subjects. There are many other volunteer opportunities as well. Volunteers can gain valuable experience for their future careers in a fun environment.

CONTACT: Aaron Haack, Director of Operations, Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley, Phone: 541-345-9939, Fax: 541-345-2915,


Lane United Soccer: Willamalane is recruiting volunteers who are 16 years and older to be part of our Lane United game crew.  Lane United is the local semi-professional soccer team that plays at Willamalane Center in Springfield. This is a fun and easy way for students to earn up to 40 hours of volunteer service.

CONTACT: Kim Lyddane, Willamalane Park and Recreation District, Office: 541-736-4520, Cell: 541-501-2476,


Shelton McMurphey Johnson House: Are you interested in history, architecture, or museum management? Volunteers needed to lead tours our assist with special events.

We are actively recruiting volunteers for projects including:

  • Public education, including working with school and youth groups
  • Assisting at teas and other special events
  • Garden maintenance, in coordination with our friends at the Eugene Garden Club
  • Leading docent tours of the house
  • Helping set up and change displays.

CONTACT: 541-585-0808 or For a list of current volunteer opportunities go to and search in Eugene for Sheldon McMurphey Johnson House.


Friends of the  Farmers Market: Volunteers needed for a new program being launched by the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition in conjunction with the Lane County Farmers Market. Looking for people passionate about supporting the Farmers Market and local food to help at the market on Saturdays.

CONTACT: Bernadel Garstecki,


ATA: High School students needed to help with incentive parties for middle school students, dances, library time etc.

CONTACT: ATA  541-790-5700


Bridgeway House is seeking a tech savvy student helper with experience in Minecraft and MAC computers to assist a special interest Minecraft social group for young people on the autism spectrum.

CONTACT: Kristin 541-515-2433 or Patricia at Bridgeway House 541-345-0805


Planned Parenthood: Youth training panel. Seeking teens very socially aware, open and inclusive to persons who may view themselves as part of the LGBTQ (& intersex) community.

CONTACT: Jenny Russell, Youth Advocacy Coordinator and Educator, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon, 541-344-1611 or


CALC (Community Alliance of Lane County): A grassroots organization working to educate and mobilize for peace, human dignity and social, racial and economic justice.

CONTACT: 541-485-1755 or


Amazon Community Center Leadership Programs:
LIT (Leaders in Training) Program: For students who are self-starters and who would like to learn some advanced leadership skills. This is a mentorship program that will teach skills in scheduling, goal setting, self-promotion and work ethic. The goal is to pair the teen with a host organization in an internship capacity.

CIT (Counselor in Training) Program: For students who may need a little extra push to become leaders in their schools or communities. This training focuses on team work and citizenship as well as mentorship skills. Students will learn what it takes to be a camp or program counselor and will be working with preschool students.

CONTACT: Josh Lutje if interested in either program at 541-954-3983 or


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IB CAS  (Creativity, Activity, Service)

From its beginning, Eugene IHS has made experiential learning a part of our identity. We are committed to Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) as an aspect of an international studies curriculum, for it is one more way students gain confidence and knowledge in a broader world than home and school.

The CAS experience as a whole should show evidence of the eight CAS learning outcomes:
* increased awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses
* undertaken new challenges
* planned and initiated activities
* worked collaboratively with others
* shown perseverance and commitment in activities
* engaged with issues of global importance
* considered the ethical implications associated with the activities
* developed new skills

CAS hours can start being earned towards the Eugene IHS CAS requirement after July 1st of the summer between sophomore and junior year.  All CAS hours will be recorded in an on-line portfolio system to track student progress towards CAS.  Students will be introduced to the online system at the end of sophomore year and/or the beginning of junior year and given their login information.

All students in Eugene IHS are expectied to fulfill the CAS requirments.

Creativity: Exploring or extending ideas related to an original or interpretive product or performance (IB Creativity, Activity, Service Guide, page 8). Creativity in CAS provides students with the opportunity to explore their own sense of original thinking and expression. Creativity will come from the student’s talents, interests, passions, emotional responses, and imagination; the form of expression is limitless. This may include visual and performing arts, digital design, writing, film, culinary arts, crafts and composition. Students are encouraged to engage in creative endeavors that move them beyond the familiar, broadening their scope from conventional to unconventional thinking (IB Creativity, Activity, Service Guide, page 18). In a student’s CAS program, creativity fosters an appreciation for the arts.

Activity: Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. The aim of the ‘Activity’ strand is to promote lifelong healthy habits related to physical well-being. Pursuits may include individual and team sports, aerobic exercise, dance, outdoor recreation, fitness training, and any other form of physical exertion that purposefully contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Students are encouraged to participate at an appropriate level and on a regular basis to provide a genuine challenge and benefit (IB Creativity, Activity, Service Guide, page 19). In a student’s CAS program, activity focuses on the physical, and thus, mental, well being of the student.

Service: Collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need. The aim of the ‘Service’ strand is for students to understand their capacity to make a meaningful contribution to their community and society. Through service, students develop and apply personal and social skills in real-life situations involving decision-making, problem-solving, initiative, responsibility, and accountability for their actions. Service is often seen as one of the most transforming elements of CAS by promoting students’ self-awareness, offering diverse occasions for interactions and experiences and opportunities for international-mindedness (IB Creativity, Activity, Service Guide, page 20). In a student’s CAS program, service is an unpaid and voluntary community contribution and focuses on an endeavor beyond a student’s current experience.

Students in Eugene IHS will complete 150 hours of CAS activities over the course junior and senior years: at least 50 hours of service, 25 hours of creativity and 25 hours of activity with a and a reasonable balance between the remaining 50 hours. Hours must be concurrent over two years – that is, they should be spread out over the course of both junior and senior years –  and should reflect an ongoing commitment to the principles of the CAS Learning Outcomes.

Immersion Students:

  • French Immersion students must complete a minimum of 50 of the 150 required CAS hours in a setting where the French language is primarily used.
  • Spanish Immersion students must complete a minimum of 50 of the 150 required CAS hours in a setting where the Spanish language is primarily used.

In addition to completing CAS hours students must participate in a student-initiated group project.
CAS Group Project Reflection Form
(Includes information on the group project)

Click under the “Junior/Senior Seminar” tab for more specific information about CAS deadlines and see the CAS Handbook for more specific guidelines regarding CAS and the group project.