Junior Seminar

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JUNIOR SEMINAR 2022-2023:                                   *Click here to go to our Service Opportunities webpage*


Trimester 1 Packet: 2022-2023 Tri 1 Packet
Due Dates:
📍September 231)Complete Pre-CAS Plan and Goal Setting; 2)Make a copy of the CAS Log for recording hours; 3)Submit Parent/Guardian Verification Form; 4) Senior Interview Reflection; 5)Topic and Research Question Development Step 1 only in class; 6)Sample Essay Exploratory Assignment
📍September 301)Topic and Research Question Development Steps 2-4 only in class; 2)Create one Resource File using a source relevant to your possible topic.
📍October 121)EE Resource File; 2)Topic and Research Question Development, Steps 1-4.
📍October 281)Add 3 more resources and complete 3 additional Resource Files (for a total of 4 so far); 2)Topic and Research Question Development Steps 5-9 in class.
📍November 301)EE Reflection #1; 2)Final Resource Files with 5 sources, Working RQ, and Working Thesis; 3)CAS Log due with 15 CAS hours recorded with reflection. Assignments that remain incomplete by the end of today will not be accepted as late work.


Packets from last year 2021-2022:
Trimester 1:  2021-2022 Tri 1 Packet
Trimester 2:  2021-2022 Tri 2 Packet
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