Senior Seminar

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SENIOR SEMINAR 2022-2023:                             *Click here to go to our Service Opportunities webpage*


Trimester 1 Packet: 2022-2023 Tri 1 Packet
Due Dates:
📍September 9 – 1)Complete a Check-in Process Tracker in class; 2)*IB Diploma Candidates only – EE Reflection Check-in to make sure you completed EE Reflection #1 during Junior Year.
📍September 16 – 1)Submit completed Parent/Guardian Signature Form; 2)Submit plan for completing 15 CAS hours to Canvas by the end of the day.
📍September 23 – 1)Demonstrate properly formatted “shell:” title page, table of contents, and works cited page.
📍October10 – 1)Submit Working Final Draft to today (directions here:Submitting a paper to Your teacher may also require a printed copy, check with teacher. Draft must be at least 3,000 words and must include a Works Cited Page. Refer to Extended Essay Final Draft Checklist for final components.
📍October 12 – 1)EE Reflection #2; 2)CAS Plans will no longer be accepted after this day (END OF UNIT).
📍November 21 – 1)Submit a revised Final Extended Essay to Submit copy of Final Extended Essay to your technical/essay advisor (if applicable) and arrange a date and method to receive feedback.
📍November 30 – 1)EE Reflection #3; 2)CAS Log; 3)CAS Reflection; 4)Complete the “Pass/No Pass” Grade Option Form in the packet and submit it to your Seminar teacher by the end of the day if you would like a “Pass/No Pass” grade.

Written by: Eugene International High School