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School Year 2020-2021
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What is Eugene IHS all about?
How will Eugene IHS serve my educational aspirations?
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Click here to visit our incoming student information page for the 2021-2022 school year.

Are you curious about global events? Do you enjoy considering different perspectives on world issues and have an interest in learning about cultural differences? Do you want to be part of a close knit community of learners and make a difference in your local and global community?

Established in 1984, Eugene International High School (Eugene IHS) is an award-winning alternative school in international studies for students in grades nine through twelve. The school is designed for students who value global understanding and communication, cultural differences, and improving the human condition. Eugene IHS offers a four-year interdisciplinary humanities curriculum focused on the study of nations, their cultures, history, artistic expression, and political, economic, and belief systems. Students who graduate from Eugene IHS will have developed a cultural awareness necessary for international communication and understanding.

Located at three sites in District 4J on the campuses of Churchill High School, Sheldon High School, and South Eugene High School, Eugene IHS offers students a core curriculum in international studies during half of their school day. During the other half, Eugene IHS students can select from an array of courses offered in the host schools in the sciences, mathematics, languages, publications, applied technology, physical education, and fine and performing arts. Students with advanced language skills in Spanish or French have the opportunity to participate in language immersion courses in Eugene IHS at the Sheldon and South campuses respectively.  We are open via district lottery to any student who wishes to attend.

Students in Eugene IHS have the opportunity to develop:
♦ cultural awareness necessary for international communication and understanding
♦ proficiency in a world language
♦ a global minded perspective
♦ skills for successful post-secondary experiences

Any student can enroll. They must go through the online 4J School Choice Lottery, regardless of attendance area. Please visit the 4J District School Choice web page to apply:


Desde su establecimiento en 1984, la Preparatoria Internacional de Eugene (Eugene IHS por sus siglas en ingles) ha sido una escuela alternativa galardonada en estudios internacionales para alumnos del noveno a doceavo grado. La escuela está diseñada para alumnos quienes valoran la comprensión y comunicación global, diferencias culturales y el mejoramiento de la condición humana. Eugene IHS ofrece un plan de estudios interdisciplinario en humanidades de cuatro años que se concentra en el estudio de las naciones, sus culturas, historia, expresión artística y los sistemas políticos, económicos y de creencias. Los alumnos que se gradúan de la preparatoria de Eugene IHS, habrán desarrollado un conocimiento cultural necesario para lograr una comunicación y entendimiento internacional.

Ubicada en tres sitios del Distrito de 4J en las Preparatorias Churchill, Sheldon y South Eugene, la Eugene IHS ofrece a los alumnos un plan académico central en estudios internacionales durante la mitad de su día de clases. Durante la otra mitad, los alumnos de la Eugene IHS pueden escoger una variedad de cursos que se ofrecen en ciencias, matemáticas, idiomas, publicaciones, tecnología aplicada, educación física, bellas artes y artes escénicas. Los alumnos con habilidades avanzadas en español o francés tienen la oportunidad de participar en los cursos de inmersión lingüística en la Eugene IHS en las Preparatorias Sheldon y South Eugene, respectivamente. Los alumnos se inscriben en la Eugene IHS a través de la Lotería de Selección Escolar del Distrito 4J.

Los alumnos tienen la oportunidad de desarrollar:
♦ el conocimiento cultural necesario para lograr una comunicación y entendimiento internacional
♦  una perspectiva global
♦  competencia para hablar un idioma del mundo
♦  habilidades para obtener experiencias postsecundarias exitosas

CUALQUIER alumno de cualquier área de asistencia escolar puede inscribirse en Eugene IHS a través de la Lotería de Elección Escolar del Distrito 4J:


If you have an interest in the world, want to learn about other countries and cultures, and want to be part of a close-knit community of learners in a unique environment that is both challenging and supportive, we hope you will consider Eugene IHS as your high school choice.
We hope you’ll consider joining our Eugene IHS family!

For more information contact one of our Eugene IHS offices.



Suzanne Jarvis and Andrew Wright are our Learning Support Specialists. They are available to assist students with Eugene IHS assignments. Their main priority is students who need additional support with reading and writing strategies. However, they can work with all Eugene IHS students and they are especially helpful with organizational strategies. Please contact either of them if you would like them to work with your student: or  They also have regular Zoom office hours. The links are posted in IHS class pages in Canvas.  You can also visit Suzanne’s website with helpful study links and tips:

Eugene International High School Staff 2019-2020

2004 winner International Studies Schools Association Award for
Excellence in International Education
2007 winner Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for Excellence in International Education

new-eugene-ihs-logoEugene IHS Mission Statement:new-ib_logo

As global citizens at Eugene International High School, we aspire to value diversity, ambiguity, and discovery and to act with responsibility, integrity, and compassion.

Como ciudadanos globales en la Escuela Preparatoria Internacional de Eugene, aspiramos dar valor a la diversidad, ambigüedad y al descubrimiento y actuar con responsabilidad, integridad y compasión.

En tant que citoyens du monde au Lycée International de Eugene, nous aspirons à apprécier la diversité, l’ambiguïté et la découverte, et à agir avec responsabilité, intégrité et compassion.