Junior Seminar

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JUNIOR SEMINAR 2020-2021                                     *Click here for the CAS Hours Verification Form*

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Trimester 3:  2020-2021 Tri 3 Packet

Trimester 3 Assignments and Due Dates: 
>April 14 – 1)Completed Parent/Student Packet Review Verification; 2)First reflection on planning and progress for the Extended Essay due.
>April 28 – 1)Submit your plan for completing 15 CAS hours to Canvas by the end of
the day; 2)Optional Essay/Technical Advisor email due; 3)Communicate your choice of a “Pass/No Pass” grade to your Seminar teacher if you would like a “Pass/No Pass” grade.
>May 2 – Preliminary Research Revision is due to Canvas.
>May 6 – 1)Blueprint Assignment is due to Canvas. 2)Extra credit research interview with your school librarian is due.
>June 9 – CAS Due for Term 3: Submit a written reflection or other evidence about your 15+ hours of CAS experiences this term.


Trimester 2:  2020-2021 Tri 2 Packet

Trimester 2 Assignments and Due Dates: 
>Jan 12 – Parent/Student Packet Review Verification due (see packet for details)
>Jan 24 – 1)Topic and Exploratory Question Assignment due (details in Canvas); 2)Submit plan for completing 15 CAS hours to Canvas by the end of the day in order to achieve a passing grade at midterm; 3)Communicate your choice of “Pass/No Pass” grade to your seminar teacher by the end of the day (see packet for details).
>Feb 3 – 1)Sign up for individual conference with Seminar teacher.
>Mar 12 – 1)Preliminary Research Assignment due (details in Canvas); 2)Submit written reflection or other evidence about your CAS activities this term.

Trimester 1:   2020-2021 Tri 1 Packet

Overview of Changes to CAS Requirements Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
CAS requirements are somewhat relaxed this year compared to the past. In the past, students had to complete at least 25 hours of creativity, 25 hours of activity, 50 hours of service, and 150 total hours by April of their senior year. Juniors had to complete a minimum of 15 hours of service in the first trimester of Seminar.

However, opportunities to complete service hours are especially limited due to the virus. Therefore, you are not required to complete any specific number of service hours as you would in a normal year. Ideally, you will show a reasonable balance of creativity, activity and service, but under no circumstances should you participate in any CAS experience that isn’t 100% safe.

Normally, IHS students need to complete supervisor review forms and keep a log of hours for their CAS, but those requirements are suspended this year. Instead, you will create a thoughtful, detailed reflection on your CAS work each term. You should complete 15 hours of CAS per term, but the most important thing is clearly demonstrating what you have done and how you have grown.

There is normally a requirement to complete 150 total CAS hours over the course of junior and senior years. This year, CAS is strictly a term-by-term endeavor. The emphasis is on quality over quantity.

Spanish and French immersion students need to show meaningful effort toward completing some CAS experiences in their immersion language. However, the strict 50-hour minimum requirement over two years is relaxed for this year. Fifty hours is a goal, but not an absolute requirement toward earning an immersion medallion so long as students demonstrate a strong effort.

Students will still need to complete a meaningful CAS group project over the course of at least a month at some point in their junior or senior year, but this will look different than it has in the past. Please see the IHS CAS handbook for examples of distanced experiences that can be completed safely, whether individually or in groups.

In the summer of 2021 we will re-evaluate and may restore some or all of the traditional CAS requirements for your senior year. However, any changes we make for next school year will be in strict accordance with public health recommendations. They will also apply only to your senior year; you will not be required to make up “lost” hours from junior year to meet our traditional CAS totals.

Please check in with your Seminar teacher if you have questions about CAS or anything else related to the course. Your teacher will have regular Zoom office hours in addition to being available through email.

We hope that these revised requirements will make your Seminar experience manageable, meaningful, and rewarding. We look forward to working with you as we all embark on this adventure together!

Sincerely, Your Eugene IHS teachers

Trimester 1 Assignments and Due Dates:           Important Career-Related Resources for Juniors
>Sept 30 – First SEMINAR MEETING: Introduction
>Oct 7 – Parent/Student Review Verification form on page 12 of the packet due to Seminar teacher’s email by the end of the day
>Oct 14 – Seminar Meeting.
Pre-CAS Planning and Goal Setting Exercise due. Submit to Seminar teacher on Canvas by end of day.
Pass/No Pass Grade Option Form due (optional) on page 11 of the packet. Email to Seminar teacher by end of day.
>Dec 2 – Seminar Meeting – all Trimester 1 assignments due:
• Submit CAS Reflection assignment to Seminar teacher on Canvas by end of day.  15 hours of service completed, with a detailed reflection or pieces of evidence CAS reflection/ pieces of evidence:
• Personalized Learning Requirements for your campus due. Tasks vary by campus; check with your Seminar teacher.
• Pre-CAS Planning and Goal Setting Exercise due if not turned in previously.


Written by: Eugene International High School